Exclusive opportunity to be involved with a new Northern based Racing Club

At an affordable price.

How it works

Titanium is a club rather than a syndicate of owners, meaning we can offer affordable membership of the club on a monthly basis, with no fixed term and no initial costs. Members have an interest in ALL horses in the club and will enjoy benefits such as access to tickets for all runners, open days at our trainer's yards, proportionate share of prize money (see below), plus a share in sale profits despite not owning the horses or having to fund their purchase.

Having an interest in each and every horse in the club has many benefits, such as more days racing for your money, a greater chance of being involved in a nice horse and most importantly reducing the chances of disappointment.

Prize money and profits

Titanium will run a dividend period which will end on 31 Oct each year. All prize money accumulated throughout the year until then will be distributed on a proportionate basis based upon how many units in the club you have and for how many months you have had them during the year (versus the total number of units issued throughout the year). Best of all prize money will be calculated based upon 'penalty value', therefore before deduction for the value of trainer and jockey shares etc and without deduction for BHA fees. 

Units in the club

At any given time there will be a minimum of 100 units (or 'Furlongs' as we like to call them) in the club each month. Any shortfall between external members units and 100 will be retained by the horse owners. 

The membership cost of one 'Furlong' or units is £175 per month, but if you want a greater proportion additional furlongs can be added at £150 per month each.

To qualify for prize money you must be a member for at least 3 consecutive months during the dividend year, but with no fixed term you have the benefit of being able to cancel your subscription if your circumstances change. It also means members joining late in the year don't have to play catch up with fees, nor do they dilute the input of long standing members.

What do I get for my money?



 Your membership gets you unrivalled access behind the scenes of some of the North's top stables. With regular stable visits through the year. You will receive owners badges whenever one of our horses runs and you can attend. Giving you access to the parade ring meeting the jockeys and trainers, with access to all Owners & Trainers areas. Frequent updates with plans for the horses including a monthly newsletter with a round up of news. You can set up payment dates to suit you also.

Check out the horses we have on offer to see if they suit your requirements. Or head to our contact page to request further information.